Inclusion Commitment

FCB as a network has been deeply
committed to and recognized for our work on

equality and inclusion.

Our team has worked cross-functionally to create a detailed and unique process for structural inclusion. When you add that to the work we have already done in behavioral inclusion, you get a very real cultural change initiative.
Equality and Inclusion - FCB Group India

The aim with our plan is to create universal cultural competence with a shared responsibility to make this the new norm. It includes detailed actions on three fronts:

Workforce, Workplace, The Work

For workforce our plan enforces the full diversity of the general population — across all levels including leadership — and ensures that leadership adopts innovative ways to foster and retain talent.
With the workplace our plan seeks to create a healthy and vibrant environment that is inclusive and engaged and that actively roots out bias and oppression in any form.
Which then takes us to creative work where our aim is to create culturally competent work and solutions that serve our overarching goals tied to tracked KPIs. And with the 456 and The WOW, we’ve put big, award-winning work that helps combat racism and promote inclusion into the world. We created The WOW to help develop cultural competence and mitigate the negative impacts of unconscious bias in our work. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) issues are easier to discuss when you have the right terminology and context for the conversation. And being able to identify issues early in the creative process through productive conversations allows marketers to discourage racial stereotypes, rather than reinforce them.

How We Drive Impact and Inclusion.

We are committed to change and have built several internal DE&I initiatives, including: Implicit Bias Workshops, Culture and Inclusion Communities in each local office, as well as strategic partnerships and sponsorships with ADCOLOR, Cannes Can: Diversity Collective, Unstereotype Alliance with the UN, Out Leadership, Women on Boards, ACT Responsible, 3% Movement, #MeToo Movement/Tarana Burke, The Ad Council and Free The Work, to name a few.