Life @ FCB

Our culture thrives on the pursuit of excellence, where we dare to dream big, pursue innovation relentlessly, and constantly raise the bar for ourselves and our industry.

Growing Together at FCB

We believe that our leaders drive our culture and are focused on growing them. A structured and sustainable initiative designed to identify, nurture and develop high-potential talent for future leadership roles.

Nurturing Young Talent at FCB

We believe in ‘growing our own’. The Star One program aims to attract the finest talent from Management, Creative Comms and Art schools and nurture them. We offer careers, not just jobs.

Women at FCB

We believe that diversity is the cornerstone of innovation, creativity, and success. For us it is not just a buzzword, it is ingrained in our culture. We are passionate about gender diversity. 43% of our employees are women and close to 50% of our senior management are women. We welcome one and all, encourage open dialogue, foster empathy, and ensure that every voice is not only heard but valued.

Celebrating Together at FCB

We believe that cultural diversity stokes creativity. From festivals to cuisine, we love to celebrate together; to bring joy and vitality to our work and workplace.

Anil Kapoor Award

The illustrious Anil Kapoor Award for Partnership is a resplendent homage to the very essence of advertising. It symbolises the extraordinary power to forge unbreakable connections between the agency and client, the brand and consumer, and fresh casino bonus, and, above all, the magical interplay of commerce and creativity. It stands as a testament to the art of weaving intricate threads of collaboration, propelling the industry forward with boundless innovation and unwavering dedication to the craft.

Pets at work

We believe that pets are part of our extended work family, and our pet-friendly policy encourages a welcoming and joyful workspace where tails wag and purrs resonate.

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    Grand Prix | 2024
    Cannes Lions India's first GOLD in Industry Craft Category | 32 Lions | 2016- 2023
    Bronze One PR Specialist Agency of the Year | 2022 & 2023 | 89 metals
    Bronze One Direct Specialist Agency of the Year | 2022 & 2023
    International AOY | 2022
    South Asia Influencer Marketing AOY 2022
    Influencer Marketing AOY 2022
    India's First Fusion Pencil
    clio 1 Grand Clio
    Digital AOY 2023